Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bring on the Snow

Tomorrow evening after work, my boyfriend and I are headed to the snow. While it will be a short, 2-day excursion, I am excited to get away from the city and visit two places we frequent often, Reno and Lake Tahoe. With the weather being on average 30 degrees, and me finding San Francisco weather to be freezing, I am faced with the problem of what to pack. This is always a battle for me because I tend to be an, "I need to bring everything," sorta packer. This time around, I need to tighten the reins and only include items that are of course weather appropriate, comfortable and realistic.  What I decided to do was use Polyvore to create an inspiration board of similar items I own and have decided to bring. The right side of the board shows my staple day pieces, thermals, scarves, badass boots and a parka. To switch up the days, I've chosen to also bring light-weight tops and thermals to layer depending on how cold it is each day. On the left of the board includes a few unrealistic but wearable pieces, each time my boyfriend and I visit Reno or Tahoe we have date night. The items I choose to bring can easily be folded in my suitcase and will look lovely for our one, "fancy" night out. While my day items will get much more use, I just loved the look of the white denim with a black velvet blazer. We'll see how it turns out! More pictures to follow.

Bring on the Snow

Collage created by Polyvore

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