Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spring Couture 2013

January, the best time of year for fashion's finest. The 2013 couture shows happened within the last few days in Paris and I must say this time around was astonishingly beautiful. While I, along with millions of other fans, wish I was there to enjoy it in person, I was able to suffice with viewing it online at Style.com. The first thing I did this morning was turn on my computer to watch each artistic show. My boyfriend (men just don't understand) sits there confused as I hog the laptop until I have watched and inspected each look as it walks down the runway. Not only do I appreciate the aesthetic of each entertaining show, but the quality and craftsmanship in each equally as entertaining. Couture is so beautiful because of the time and dedication it takes to make each piece. So much work is put into each detail. The fabric, the buttons, the overall movement of each piece is so admirable. As if I haven't been drooling all day, here were a few of my favorites: 

Chanel is always my favorite! And no, not only because I work there but because Karl Lagerfeld is amazingly talented. This year's show was the perfect combination of femininity, romanticism and goth. 

Giambattista Valli 

The collection started with an eclectic interpretation of black and white with almost hard or jagged edges. By the end, the tulle came out and the flower motifs emerged in rather whimsical and innocent sort of way.


Dior also had that ultra-sleek, feminine theme this season.  There was a great mix of neutrals, black and whites and pastels throughout the collection. There was a perfect amount of volume while still making all the pieces rather wearable.

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